Meet Daisy

On board MELISSA you will meet Daisy.  Daisy is one of the latest simulation mannequins available.  She has the ability to deliver training on a huge range of clinical simulation scenarios which will meet the needs of many of our regional practitioners. 

Daisy is designed to support the fundamentals of patient care training and CPD, allowing learners to cover aspects of assessment and diagnosis through planning, implementation and evaluation.  

Daisy will support training on core nursing skills, from basic treatment to advanced interventions; training requirements which are imperative to ensuring safe patient care and improving patient safety throughout our region.  With Daisy on board, trainers are able to cover care orientation from classroom to real life setting, pharmacology effects and medical-surgical and/or post-operative nursing care.  Her anatomy is designed to replicate the human body and she can also be used in mental health simulations, with a two-way communication feature.

Daisy fundamentally ensures that MELISSA achieves her main objective of ensuring equitable access to simulation training through the North East and North Cumbria regions.

Aside from the benefits of helping deliver training, we also expect Daisy and MELISSA  to show what they can offer at our regional career events, helping students to gain an insight into what a health career in our region can offer.

We hope that she will also encourage our younger generations to consider a career in the NHS.

Meet Daisy. She’s looking good here, but